G-Force Shipping

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Location: Quincy, MA
Founded: 2009
Industry: Logistics/Shipping

G-Force Shipping

Scott Guilbeault

Opportunities for growth

Scott Guilbeault owned a company called Zip Ship Inc. from 1996 to 2009. Zip Ship was successful, but, as a reseller of DHL services, the company failed after DHL exited the U.S. market. “Despite the significant monetary risks and personal adversity, I was confident my experience and revenue-generating success in the small parcel business would transfer to a successful freight shipping business,” says Guilbeault, now CEO of G-Force Shipping. “At the time, I was only able to invest $100,000 to launch G-Force Shipping, which afforded us a very cozy second-floor office above a pizza parlor.” Despite these modest beginnings, G-Force is now one of the fastest-growing businesses in the third-party logistics industry.

Quick Tip “We have made a habit of developing our company leaders from within.”

One of the central tenets of G-Force’s culture is to treat employees with respect and provide them with opportunities for training and professional growth. “G-Force employees recognize that not only are they earning a living, but they are bettering themselves for the rest of their professional career,” says Guilbeault. “G-Force has enjoyed the luxury of being able to hire relatively inexperienced, yet promising candidates because of its outstanding training program, which has received not only recognition, but funding from the State of Massachusetts because of its success.” G-Force was one of just 39 private-sector companies in the state to receive grant money from the state’s Workforce Training Fund.