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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 2009
Industry: Restaurant delivery service


Phil Dumontet
Founder and CEO


Founded in 2009 with one biker and one restaurant, Dashed now provides delivery for 800 restaurants in Boston, Providence, New Haven, Hoboken/Jersey City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC. The company was started based on a marketplace opportunity. “One of the larger delivery services in our state had just gone out of business, and there was a real void in terms of customers, the restaurants and the drivers,” says Phil Dumontet, Dashed’s founder and CEO. “I … decided that I was going to start a food delivery business on the core principle of speed and doing what I thought the previous companies had done wrong. So I got on my bike and started delivering from local restaurants in the North End area of Boston and grew out the business from there.”

Quick Tip “Every great leader needs to do what they do best, but delegate the rest.”

A major contributor to Dashed’s growth is “doing one thing exceptionally well,” says Dumontet. “We built our business entirely around getting food there faster than anybody else. It comes down to our delivery fleet and technology that we built to ensure our delivery times are industry-leading.” Dashed has also created an unusual fleet, which includes eco-friendly electric cars, as well as bikes and scooters. Those environmentally friendly vehicles account for more than 25 percent of the company’s deliveries. “Our management approach and core question pulling us forward is always: How do we do things faster?” says Dumontet. Compensation for drivers, but also top managers, is largely driven by speed-based incentives and delivery-time metrics.