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Location: North Billerica, MA
Founded: 1969
Industry: Education

Curriculum Associates

Rob Waldron


Curriculum Associates was founded by a group of teachers in 1969. They had a simple vision: to make classrooms better, with high-quality materials to help kids succeed, easy-to-use programs for teachers and affordable products that would reach a wide range of schools and students. Until 2007, Curriculum Associates was led by one of the original co-founders, Frank Ferguson. Having rejected buyout offers for upwards of $200 million, he faced the reality that he could not run Curriculum Associates forever. He restructured the company, ultimately placing Curriculum Associates into a perpetual trust to ensure the company will not be bought out and that the majority of its profits will go to charitable causes.

Quick Tip “Always remain humble and never let your ego get the best of you.”

Today, Curriculum Associates remains committed to its original vision, but has evolved to offer an integrated print and digital solution for K-12 diagnostic assessment and instruction. Curriculum Associates currently provides nearly 3 million K-12 students across the country with personalized learning materials. “Curriculum Associates is on a mission to prove to the K-12 industry that an ethical, long-term-focused company is the one that will drive the best results,” says CEO Rob Waldron. “As such, our company is committed to remaining privately held, measuring results by the gains we create for children and not by shareholder returns.”