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Location: Natick, MA
Founded: 2011
Industry: Healthcare

Convergent Dental

Michael Cataldo


Convergent Dental makes Solea, a CO2 laser system that cuts everything in the oral cavity, without anesthesia, pain or blood. The founding vision of the company was to completely transform dentistry — not just how it’s practiced, but also how people react to the dentist. “Today, going to the dentist for most people means scary, painful stuff,” says Michael Cataldo, CEO of Convergent Dental. “We can treat a cavity without the drill, without the needle, and do soft-tissue work without the scalpel or sutures. … Our dentists report that they do 95 percent or more of their procedures anesthesia-free and blood-free.”

Quick Tip “Pay attention today, do it better tomorrow.”

In addition to taking the dread out of dentistry, Convergent Dental envisions actually trying to eliminate cavities altogether, using light. “It removes a molecule from enamel know as carbonate. Carbonate is essentially the soft spot to which acids penetrate and cavities form,” says Cataldo. “So by being able to do that as well, we start to stretch across a continuum of dentistry — prevention, basic treatment and then advanced treatment.” Going forward, Cataldo’s plan is to add even more applications to the company’s platform, which will require a focused plan for scaling the business: “From here forward, it’s all about broadening the capabilities of the product for the sake of the company’s growth and … the customer’s benefit, and then being able to just continue to keep up with all of it.”