CloudHealth Technologies

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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Technology

CloudHealth Technologies

Dan Phillips
Co-founder and CEO


“CloudHealth Technologies is changing the way organizations manage cloud environments through a policy-driven approach and focus on cloud governance,” says co-founder and CEO Dan Phillips. “This results in an optimally performing cloud environment, enabling enterprises and service providers to align cloud operations with business objectives.” One of the major factors that has helped CloudHealth take off is the rate at which corporations are moving to the cloud and expanding their usage. “However, the advantages of the cloud also create complexities in terms of management and optimization that we have never seen before,” says Phillips.

Quick Tip “When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

The company also thrives as a result of its employee base. “We have an executive team and core engineering team with great domain expertise in IT management and the cloud,” says Phillips. “Further, we have a broader base of employees who want to build their careers in the technology-based, VC-backed, startup ecosystem in the Boston area, focused on the cloud. We truly have more intellectual property and capital in this space than any other entity in the world.” CloudHealth’s position as a leader in its field, Phillips hopes, will help make Boston the hub of cloud management for the world.