Caswell Restaurants

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Location: Newburyport, MA
Founded: 2010
Industry: Hospitality

Caswell Restaurants

Nancy Batista-Caswell


Caswell Restaurants is a family-owned and operated restaurant group based out of the North Shore of Massachusetts. It consists of three restaurants: a steak and oyster bar, a European bistro, and a larger restaurant in Boston. “I was 28 years old when I opened my first restaurant,” says restaurateur Nancy Batista-Caswell. “I had been working for several different kinds of strategic management groups, from chef owners who were very hands-on to large lifestyle developers. I felt like I had really kind of found my niche in the hospitality industry itself.”

Quick Tip “Every customer or every guest comes to us loyal; it’s whether or not we choose to keep them loyal by our actions and our service within our restaurants.”

From the start, Batista-Caswell put a strong emphasis on culture. “We created a very strong culture within our organization about what we wanted to be and the passion behind food, wine and hospitality,” she says. “Without our great team, we wouldn’t have been able to expand and grow at such a rapid pace. These individuals are very focused, thoughtful, genuine and sincere, as well as loyal, both to our company and to our customers.” Going forward, Batista-Caswell expects Caswell Restaurants to keep expanding. “I’m passionate about restaurants, I enjoy the grind of them, so aside from growing and the structure of our organization becoming larger, I really want to continue to consider concepts and place them in proper markets,” she says.