Carbon Black

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Location: Waltham, MA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Technology

Carbon Black

Patrick Morley


Carbon Black is a computer security company whose software continuously records and retains all activity from businesses’ end points — servers, desktops, laptops — making it easier for them to track, stop and respond to cyber attacks. “The founding vision was to create a better security solution in a world that was increasingly seeing advanced cyber attacks. Antivirus, which was the standard at the time, was becoming increasingly ineffective against such attacks,” says Patrick Morley, CEO of Carbon Black. Whereas antivirus programs blocked “known-bad” attacks, missing specific, targeted attacks, Carbon Black’s Bit9 solution only allows “known-good” transactions.

Quick Tip “A great leader should be fully transparent about his or her expectations — good or bad — so that employees from top to bottom understand why decisions are being made.”

“Instead of simply focusing on building a better security product, we are also focusing on creating a living, breathing ecosystem for sharing attack data, which is backed by a roster of computer security experts around the globe,” says Morley. “In that regard, we are pioneering the concept of ‘relationships’ in security technology.” Morley compares this approach to strategies used by Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, which use data relationships and human decisions to provide a better customer experience. A strategy of collective defense, Morley hopes, will contribute both to Carbon Black’s future growth and to greater overall security.