Cambridge Sound Management

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Location: Waltham, MA
Founded: 1999
Industry: Manufacturing

Cambridge Sound Management

Christopher Calisi


Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. is the developer of QtPro sound masking systems. “Sound masking as an industry has been around since the 1960s, and the theory of using sound to cover noise dates back to Ancient Roman culture,” says CEO Christopher Calisi. “It is believed that one of the earliest examples of sound masking is the Romans’ use of water fountains to mask the sound of chariots on cobblestone streets.” The company’s unique approach to sound masking is to project sound directly into the space being treated. Small, three-inch speakers or emitters are placed into the ceiling tile. The small nature of the emitters has the benefit of a wide dispersion rate of 170 degrees, which creates a uniform sound throughout the space.

Quick Tip “It isn’t how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Cambridge Sound Management’s growth has been fueled by furniture and construction trends. “It’s easy to see how modern office spaces invite distraction. Most workplaces today feature more open spaces and smaller, and often shared, workstations,” says Calisi. “Less sound-absorptive materials are being used, such as lower or non-existent partitions, hard or glass surfaces, and thinner walls and doors. This creates acoustical challenges that negatively impact workplace satisfaction, productivity and speech privacy.” At the same time, it becomes harder to maintain client confidentiality in this kind of environment. Sound masking can help companies address those challenges, says Calisi.