Blue Vase Marketing, LLC

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Location: Beverly, MA
Founded: 2009
Industry: Direct response marketing

Blue Vase Marketing, LLC

Michael Alden
President and CEO


Since its founding, Blue Vase Marketing, LLC has grown from a small call center with 10 employees to a full-service marketing firm with more than 80 employees. President and CEO Michael Alden founded the company based on the principles outlined in the book The Go Getter by Peter B. Kyne. The book is a parable on a World War I veteran who uses the motto “it shall be done” as he overcomes his challenges. Blue Vase employees are encouraged to mirror the success path outlined in the book. “We at Blue Vase firmly believe that this recipe is largely responsible for the success that the company has achieved in its short existence,” says Alden.

Quick Tip “The way you handle yourself among your peers in the face of adversity says a lot about your leadership capabilities.”

Blue Vase also encourages employees to share their ideas, even beyond their own department. For example, employees in IT give their opinions on warehouse procedures, and employees in legal give their opinions on creative content. This “fosters an environment of company-wide cooperation, where employees are not adverse to performing duties outside (and sometimes below) their normal responsibilities,” says Alden. Going forward, Blue Vase expects its growth will be fueled by a newly constructed, state-of-the-art television and media production studio. The studio will offer comprehensive media production services, content development and ongoing support.