Archimedia Solutions Group LLC

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Location: Danvers, MA
Founded: 2006
Industry: Business services

Archimedia Solutions Group LLC

Mark DiPasquale and Jane Simmons


For many years, Mark DiPasquale and Jane Simmons had been working in a subset of the printing industry that focuses on construction documentation. They saw that the model for construction documentation was changing, and they had already been involved in creating and running a fast-growing business unit inside a multi-national company. Accordingly, DiPasquale and Simmons decided to get into business for themselves. Their company, Archimedia Solutions Group LLC, now serves architects and engineers by installing reproduction equipment in their firms, charging only for what is consumed, allowing them to change technologies without penalties, and providing an accounting service to track their expenses for reimbursement.

Quick Tip “Make an effort to keep everyone connected and on the same page.”

As Archimedia established its reputation, it benefited from the fact that architects and engineers tend to collaborate with each other and evaluate best practices. As a result of this mindset, Archimedia received the bulk of its new business from word of mouth and referrals. In addition, DiPasquale and Simmons made sure Archimedia was ready to scale from the beginning, designing the company’s systems and business processes to efficiently handle clients of any size — before any clients had actually signed on. Over the next few years, DiPasquale and Simmons plan to keep growing the company’s client base and to keep expanding its national footprint based on its current business model and systems.