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Location: Andover, MA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Professional services


Mark Eldridge


“When we first got started, we knew that we wanted to be highly specialized,” says Mark Eldridge, CEO of ALKU. “More than that, we knew that we wanted to have an internal message that was unique and an approach that was a little bit different. We knew we couldn’t change the market or the economy, because the economy was terrible when we started, but we knew we could have a very positive, upbeat environment.” Today, ALKU deploys its services through three niche-focused divisions: ALKU Technologies, ALKU Quality and ALKU Government Solutions.

Quick Tip “As a leader, you have to understand why your people are showing up to work every day. From that, you can create an environment in which you can work together to help motivate them.”

Getting its start during a major recession was a big challenge for ALKU, but “despite the fact that it caused a lot of difficulties for us, it also helped define us,” says Eldridge. “I’m glad that it happened the way it did because it did bake some thoughts into the company about how we approach difficulties and challenges.” Going forward, ALKU plans to keep growing by specializing further within its established markets. At the same time, the company plans to focus on developing the next generation of managers. “Around here, there’s a quote we really like: ‘If we worry about growing the individuals, we don’t need to worry about growing the company,’” says Eldridge.