Acceleration Partners

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Location: Needham, MA
Founded: 2007
Industry: Digital marketing agency

Acceleration Partners

Robert Glazer
Founder and Managing Director


A desire to transform the digital marketing industry and make it more client-centric was at the heart of Robert Glazer’s decision to found Acceleration Partners. Glazer believed a flat fee-based or performance-based model would control costs and align incentives, motivating agencies to manage client money as if it were their own. His goal was to find clients who would stick around for the long term, and he thought this would happen if they felt they were getting more value for their money, and had a partner instead of just an agency. “We understand that no two engagements are the same, and we take the time to understand how each business is unique so we can bring proven best practices to every client engagement,” Glazer says. Acceleration Partners is now the digital marketing firm of choice for many blue-chip ecommerce companies.

Quick Tip “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

The first thing prospective employees of Acceleration Partners hear about is the company’s culture. Since its inception, Acceleration Partners has been shaped by that culture, which holds, among other things, that people are the company’s greatest resource, and that they deserve a superior work environment. “Part of our mission is to change the traditional work-life paradigm by placing a premium on work-life integration and accountability,” says Glazer. “We feel that it’s important to give our employees flexibility to meet their professional and personal goals. As a result, we have attracted bright, talented and extremely motivated team members.”