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Location: Foxboro, MA
Founded: 1987
Industry: Technology


Mark C. Goldstein


When homeowners browse for ideas on home improvement and retailer websites, 2020’s solutions enable them to find inspiration and start a design project on their own. When design professionals work with homeowners, they use 2020’s applications to create spaces, and it’s the technology that lets them visualize and collaborate on a project through the cloud and any mobile device. When retailers empower their consumers to participate in the planning process, 2020 provides the underlying platform to enable personalized online design and procurement. Manufacturers use the same online design experience to market their products and create qualified leads.

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One major factor in 2020’s growth is the marriage of technology with an important emerging market requirement: online design of living spaces. “A considerable part of our R&D budget over the last several years was focused on completing and deploying our Ideal Spaces offering, which provides a fun, speedy and painless process for the delivery of a consumer’s next dream space,” says Mark C. Goldstein, CEO of 2020. “Three leading retailers in Europe are now staying ahead of their competition by offering their shoppers digital kitchen and bathroom planning solutions on multiple channels, including in-store, at home, online and on mobile devices — all based on Ideal Spaces.”