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Leah Bourdon
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Location: Andover, MA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Staffing and recruiting

Leah Bourdon
Director of Training


When Leah Bourdon was still a relatively new employee at ALKU, she learned of an opportunity to start the company’s quality division. Excited by the possibility, she told leadership she was interested, and ultimately got the job. Bourdon grew the quality division to be ALKU’s largest division, taking it from two employees to 13. Now, as director of training, Bourdon has opened the company’s first regional training center (RTC) to help it build a pipeline of internal hires.

Quick Tip: “If there is something that you want, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for it.”

One of Bourdon’s greatest challenges has been juggling her personal and professional goals. “As a young professional and mother of two children, I have had to truly learn what it means to balance family life and professional advancement,” she says. In fact, she stepped into her current role immediately after returning from maternity leave, and had to quickly adjust not only to being back at work, but also to her new role. But, says Bourdon, challenges like these have helped her develop new skills and gain confidence. 

Bourdon says that every day when she comes to work, her job is to mentor and provide leadership. Through the RTC, she trains and manages more than 12 interns and works to create programs and strategies to develop the next generation of ALKU employees. “The part of my job that I take most pride in is when those whom I have trained do well and succeed,” she says. Outside the office, Bourdon says she is dedicated to helping her community through activities like organizing a winter clothing drive for veterans out of her own home. She says this is a trait she picked up from her mother, who has been actively involved in the nonprofit world for many years.