Laurie J. Watson

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Laurie J. Watson
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Location: Maynard, MA
Founded: 2006
Industry: Food services

Laurie J. Watson
President and CEO

Seasonal Food Brands

Laurie J. Watson, president and CEO of Seasonal Food Brands, has been in the food business for more than 25 years, but it wasn’t until she enrolled at Newbury College that she felt true confidence in her business career. While attending school, Watson also worked full time, and quickly learned the art of effective time management. In 2006, armed with a new degree in business management, Watson founded Seasonal Food Brands.

Quick Tip: “Great leaders achieve by lifting others to reach their leadership potential.”

Watson says she comes from “the pencil generation,” and adjusting to the technology-driven business world has been a challenge over the years, as she had to pick up new skills like dealing with back-office systems, sales programs and constant upgrades. But even as technology has changed, the need for great customer service has not, notes Watson.

Together with her husband, Watson created the LPM Charitable Foundation. The organization’s goal is to invest in children’s programs in the areas of education, environment, health and human services, community and civic development, and the arts. Through the foundation, Watson learned about a man who worked three jobs and was not going to be able to graduate college because of student debt. The foundation was able to support him and help him realize his dream.