Laurie B. Strickland

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Laurie B. Strickland
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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 1989
Industry: Professional services

Laurie B. Strickland, FSMPS, CPSM
Director of Marketing

Nitsch Engineering

In her role as director of marketing at Nitsch Engineering, Laurie B. Strickland has helped spur 47 percent growth in both revenue and staff. Strickland says when she started with the company, it only had a one-year marketing plan in place. So, one year into her employment, she led the development of a three-year plan that she tied directly to Nitsch’s strategic plan. And, in 2012, as her initial three-year plan neared its end, Strickland and Nitsch’s CEO led a “2020 Visioning Session.” The meeting was open to the company’s entire staff as a brainstorming session.

Quick Tip: “Stay true to yourself.”

Strickland says professional development is a priority at Nitsch, and she has taken an active role in helping this initiative succeed. Through the company’s Nitsch University training program, Strickland has taught sessions on Microsoft PowerPoint, Photoshop and more. Additionally, she has instituted an eight-hour training program to help staff members improve their public speaking, presentation and project interview skills. Strickland has also started mentoring Nitsch’s marketing and communications specialist, in the hopes that she will move into a management role in the future.

Between the ages of 29 and 30, Strickland lost both of her parents. She says the experience impacted her life and perspective in a significant way. “The challenge of not having them as mentors, sounding boards, advisors throughout my adult life has made me find paths, face challenges [and] find solutions … independently,” says Strickland. She has also learned to appreciate life and live it to the fullest.