Kip Hollister

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Kip Hollister
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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 1988
Industry: Staffing

Kip Hollister
Founder and CEO

Hollister Staffing

When founder and CEO Kip Hollister built Hollister Staffing, the goal was to create a fun culture that would last. To do this, Hollister hired like-minded individuals who shared core values like open communication, passion, integrity and community. Hollister also says that instead of encouraging work-life balance, she encourages bringing one’s whole self to work, “which means being able to, at work, also embrace all of the things you love in life.”

Quick Tip: “Take time out to really [be] introspective, so that you can strengthen your ability to lead and have followers.”

During its 28 years in business, Hollister Staffing survived three different recessions. Hollister says that while she counts these trying times among her greatest leadership challenges, they were also important learning experiences. With 100 percent ownership, Hollister controlled every decision the company made at the time, forcing much introspection and growth. “Every decision afforded me the opportunity and challenge to become a stronger leader,” she says.

Now, Hollister is excited about passing her knowledge down through mentorship, coaching and leadership training in her community. She mentors individuals, speaks at schools and teaches the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace through workshops with high school students.