Kim Sawyer

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Kim Sawyer
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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 1994
Industry: Professional services, corporate asset recovery

Kim Sawyer
President and General Counsel

The Locator Services Group, Ltd.

When Kim Sawyer was 14, she was diagnosed with dysgraphia, a learning disability that significantly impairs her ability to write and process information. Nevertheless, Sawyer found success in her work in asset recovery, and ultimately decided to open her own company. “I knew the only way I could take advantage of the opportunities I recognized, and achieve the level of success I expected from myself, was to create an environment where I could best process information [and] minimize my need to write,” says Sawyer. And so she did.

Quick Tip: “I endeavor to listen more than speak, give others credit, accept responsibility for my mistakes and communicate effectively.”

As Sawyer’s company, The Locator Services Group, Ltd., has grown, she has faced additional challenges. As a small business owner without an advisory board to make suggestions, Sawyer says she had trouble, “seeing the forest for the trees,” and became wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of the company. But, in 2009, Sawyer was chosen by Blue Cross Blue Shield to be its 2009-2010 mentee, and was taught the importance of focusing on the company’s overall vision.

“Both inside and outside the workplace, I try my best to be flexible, respectful and decisive, and be confident but not arrogant,” says Sawyer. She also values generosity and compassion, and works to foster this attitude within her company by arranging toy drives and making charitable donations.