Kelly D. Glew

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Kelly D. Glew
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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 1990
Industry: Education nonprofit/college access

Kelly D. Glew

The Steppingstone Foundation

The Steppingstone Foundation develops and implements programs that prepare underserved students for educational opportunities, with the ultimate goal of attending a four-year college. “Inspiration is built into my job,” says president Kelly D. Glew. “While there is no doubt that running a nonprofit has its share of challenges, every time I hear scholars describe how Steppingstone has impacted them and their families, I am completely recharged.”

Quick Tip: “If you are interested in a leadership role [at a nonprofit], I think it is important to get as much fundraising experience as you can.”

In 2005, fewer than 20 percent of Boston’s public school graduates completed a four-year college degree, according to Northeastern University’s Center for Labor Market Statistics. Steppingstone aims to improve this by reaching kids in fifth and sixth grade and engaging them in a 14-month-long academic component that spans two summers and the school year in between, preparing students for success. The foundation’s programs follow students throughout their schooling and even through college to help keep them on track.

More than 950 students are currently benefiting from Steppingstone’s services, and another 500 are receiving support through college. Outside the office, Glew says she enjoys giving back to the community in ways that are connected to her children. For example, she is an Annual Fund volunteer at the local middle school.