Kathleen Landry

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Kathleen Landry
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Location: Woburn, MA
Founded: 2005
Industry: Hospitality/meetings

Kathleen Landry
President and CEO

DPI Events – A DMC Network Company

When Kathleen Landry was just 16 years old, her mother passed away from an aggressive form of breast cancer. Landry’s father was working three jobs at the time, which meant that Landry often found herself helping to care for her five younger siblings. Landry was able to put herself through college by taking evening courses, while working during the day. She dipped her toe into many industries, but found her calling when she was asked to plan a small meeting and event. This sparked her passion for the event industry and ultimately the founding of DPI Events –
A DMC Network Company, of which Landry is president and CEO.

Quick Tip: “Maintain a moral compass that represents your character.”

Landry says her biggest professional challenge was learning to let go as her business grew. When DPI was founded, Landry and a colleague ran the entire show, but when the company became successful enough to allow it to start hiring, she had to learn to delegate. “By getting out of the way, I’ve freed myself from managing every day-to-day task so I can stay focused on the big picture,” says Landry.

According to Landry, every member of the DPI team is passionate about everything that goes into a full-service program experience. She says DPI is the only destination management company in New England with its own custom-build décor division, lighting and branding props. “We’re a powerful energy wherever we are, and it’s part of our daily routine,” she says.