Joanne K. Hilferty

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Joanne K. Hilferty
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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 1895
Industry: Nonprofit

Joanne K. Hilferty
President and CEO

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries

Joanne K. Hilferty, president and CEO of Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries (MMGI), says her work to bring about positive social change is inspired by great leaders of social movements who came before her, like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. At MMGI, Hilferty is dedicated to eradicating poverty by creating employment opportunities and bringing people together to help others achieve independence and dignity through work.

Quick Tip: “On a regular basis, ask yourself: ‘Am I on the right trajectory — for me, for now, for where I am in my life personally and professionally?’”

Founded in 1895 in the South End of Boston, MMGI is the original and founding Goodwill. The nonprofit serves individuals who face barriers to self-sufficiency, such as those with disabilities, low educational attainment, limited job skills, veterans and those experiencing homelessness. MMGI touches more than 8,400 people each year by providing job training, career services and youth programs. To facilitate the hiring of those it serves, Goodwill partners with local businesses like Citizens Bank and Northeastern University. During Hilferty’s tenure, the organization has significantly increased the number of people it is able to help, and awareness of its programs has grown as well.

In addition to the work Hilferty does at Goodwill, she is active in her local community. She serves as treasurer of the board for the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, and is a member of the board for Goodwill Industries International and the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers.