Jenny Giang

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Jenny Giang
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Location: Medford, MA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Retail/food services

Jenny Giang
CFO and Founding Partner

Chicken & Rice Guys

Jenny Giang, CFO and founding partner of Chicken & Rice Guys, says she is not a natural-born leader. “I was always shy and slightly withdrawn,” she says. “I knew that I needed to ‘break out of my shell’ to continue taking our company to the next level.” To do this, Giang set about listening to others carefully, and learned how to communicate well and with confidence. Though the founders of Chicken & Rice Guys are young, and lacked experience at the outset, Giang says she has found that by giving respect to employees, she has received respect in turn.

Quick Tip: “You only get out what you put in.”

When it comes to Giang’s role as a leader at Chicken & Rice Guys, she is focused on leading by doing. When the food truck first got its start, Giang and her two partners wore all the hats — prepping food, loading the truck, driving to the serving location, cleaning, cooking and doing administrative work. As the business has grown to include more trucks and more employees, Giang has taken on a different role, but says she would never ask an employee to do something she wouldn’t.

One of the things Giang focuses on in her role at Chicken & Rice Guys is promoting from within. Currently, she is in the process of training another female employee to be an office manager and executive assistant. When this employee expressed interest in developing her career with Chicken & Rice Guys, Giang was excited to bring in another female member of the management team and mentor her.