Jennie Devlin

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Jennie Devlin
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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 1952
Industry: Financial services

Jennie Devlin
President and COO

Cantella & Co., Inc.

Vin Cantella, founder of Cantella & Co., Inc., took a chance on “the little guy” 16 years ago when he hired Jennie Devlin fresh out of college to work as his assistant, she says. But she soon made her mark: “Everything I touched, I tried to make better.” This attitude caught Cantella’s attention, and today, Devlin pays it forward by recognizing the same traits in younger staff members and helping them grow. When she isn’t mentoring employees, Devlin works to reinforce Cantella & Co.’s big-picture vision: “Finance can be heartless, … but far more often, it is used to make people’s lives better, and that is what we’re here to do,” she says.

Quick Tip: “Live a big, authentic life and always pay it forward.”

In 2011, Devlin had her first child and quickly realized that she faced the impossible situation of balancing ambition with being a present parent. “I knew that the way I tackled the balance between motherhood and business would also set the tone for the entire company — not just the new mothers, but the fathers, caregivers and everyone else,” says Devlin. That’s why she set up a nursery and play area in the office for all employees to use.

Devlin’s passion for children extends beyond her home and office, which is why she has made it her personal mission to tie Cantella & Co. to numerous Boston charities that help children. One such organization is Boston’s Department of Child and Family Services. Cantella & Co. hires kids who are under the department’s protection as interns, helping them gain experience and professional insight.