Janice Guy

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Janice Guy
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Location: Hopkinton, MA
Founded: 2000
Industry: Defense

Janice Guy
Founder, President and CEO

P3I, Incorporated

Her time in the U.S. Marine Corps has been a continued source of inspiration for Janice Guy, founder, president and CEO of P3I, Incorporated. As a marine, she learned discipline and leadership skills that have helped her run her business, including her number-one leadership maxim: “Take care of your troops.” In fact, it was Guy’s time as a Marine that inspired her to found P3I in the first place, having experienced the need for superior contractor support first-hand.

Quick Tip: “The best advice I can give to aspiring leaders or executives is self-evaluation. Take some time to examine your strengths and weaknesses.”

Though Guy founded her business with plenty of technical knowledge, she had to learn how to run her business as she went along. One important learning experience came as a result of P3I’s dispersed workforce. “I did not want my managers and employees who didn’t see me face to face regularly to feel disconnected to myself or my corporate staff,” she says. “This challenge forced me to improve my communication to better understand the needs of my employees.”

P3I gives its employees the opportunity to share the charities that are important to them, and the company supports them. In the past, this endeavor has led P3I to work with organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project.