Janet Santa Anna

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Janet Santa Anna
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Location: Middleton, MA
Founded: 1987
Industry: Staffing services, employment agency

Janet Santa Anna
Founder, President and CEO

The Resource Connection, Inc.

Janet Santa Anna co-founded The Resource Connection, Inc. after just six years of working for an international staffing company. Through that role, she gained experience and confidence. Santa Anna’s clients noted her passion for the work she was doing, and encouraged her to open her own business. “If you love what you do, you will be successful doing it. Helping people get jobs and [working with] companies to help them run smoothly is very rewarding,” says Santa Anna, who is now president and CEO of The Resource Connection.

Quick Tip: “Respect, include and motivate all your employees, and they will do the same for you.”

In 2005, Santa Anna learned that she had breast cancer. Though the news came as a shock, and the challenge was a tough one, Santa Anna says she made it through by never giving up, remaining as positive as possible and enjoying every minute with her loved ones. “So many of us face challenges like this, and it does change one’s mindset,” she says.

At work, Santa Anna shows leadership by giving employees a significant amount of autonomy. “I have to trust their judgment because they have to make so many decisions each day,” she says. And those decisions carry a great amount of weight as The Resource Connection takes on major projects, such as a multi-million-dollar contract the company won in 2011. By partnering with five subcontractors that were also women-owned, the company won the bid, and was selected again in 2014.