Holly Safford

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Holly Safford
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Location: Rockland, MA
Founded: 1979
Industry: Catering

Holly Safford
Founder and President

The Catered Affair

Some years ago, Holly Safford found herself at the lowest point in her life: “I couldn’t afford childcare, I hadn’t finished college, my husband had left me with just the monthly child support check that had been awarded by the court,” she says. That’s when a few friends told her she had the chops to open a catering business. With no business plan, a few fliers, tried-and-true recipes and a few silver platters she had gotten as wedding gifts, Safford embarked on her new career as founder and president of her company, The Catered Affair.

Fun Fact: Safford joined Julia Child’s production team, running errands and cleaning dishes for the star. The two stayed in touch until Child’s death.

Safford says catering restored her self worth and brought happiness to her life. “This little side-line business was just lifting my spirits immensely and making me feel like I was a worthy person again,” she says. The company continued to grow and find success, because Safford always focused on creating a quality experience for the host above all else, including profitability. Throughout the years, she has gone above and beyond for clients, even helping them hide the fact that their Thanksgiving meal wasn’t homemade.

Over the years, Safford has catered to foreign dignitaries and even worked with and formed a friendship with Julia Child, but she says she is careful to remember her humble origins and say thank you to those who have helped her through. That’s why every time she is given the opportunity to share her story before a group, she takes it, and is always ready to lend a helping hand when someone calls her with a predicament.