Gayle Gilberto

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Gayle Gilberto
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Location: Wilmington, MA
Founded: 2003
Industry: Event production and design

Gayle Gilberto

Art of the Event Inc.

When Gayle Gilberto, president of Art of the Event Inc., decided it was time to open her own event production and design company, she invested her whole self — financially and personally. Gilberto started by asking potential clients what they really wanted out of their event company, and what they often found lacking. Those responses helped her craft her mission and grow.

Quick Tip: “Brace yourself and learn to view the unforeseen twists, turns and changes as vital steps on your journey.”

In the early days of Art of the Event, Gilberto says she had to readjust her management style to fit a team environment. Coming from the world of film and television, where roles are firmly established, Gilberto was used to a hierarchical structure, but this didn’t fit with the needs of her employees. Though this created a significant learning curve for Gilberto, she quickly regrouped, read up on industry articles and figured out how to inspire her team and act as a good leader.

Gilberto says the company often works with and donates to charities. On the second anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, Art of the Event donated lounge seating “so the families of those most affected would have a place to sit comfortably and privately by the finish line,” says Gilberto.