Emily Tetto

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Emily Tetto
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Location: Needham, MA
Founded: 2007
Industry: Digital marketing agency

Emily Tetto
Director, Talent and Culture

Acceleration Partners

When Emily Tetto started her journey at Acceleration Partners, she was just employee number six. Tetto joined the company’s team in an effort to make a life change, and while on paper, the career move looked like a step backward, Tetto says she knew that it would carry her career forward in many ways. “It paid dividends to take the chance and bet on myself, and it proved … to be a good decision,” she says. Today, the company has 46 employees, and Tetto serves as director of talent and culture, overseeing hiring, onboarding, training and mentoring.

Quick Tip: “If someone gives you feedback, don’t just listen to the words, but the message behind it.”

Tetto says the leadership of Bob Glazer, Acceleration Partners’ founder and managing director, inspires her. “Since working at Acceleration Partners, I have been pushed to think differently and forced out of my comfort zone to really grow as a leader myself,” she says. Because of lessons like these, Tetto has taken on a mentor role at Acceleration Partners, as well as outside the office.

Tetto’s other major inspiration have been her children, and she is dedicated to being a good role model for them, as a great mom with a successful career. When Acceleration Partners did a team-building event with the organization Birthday Wishes, which helps homeless children celebrate their birthdays, Tetto brought her daughter along.