Di Hall

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Di Hall
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Location: Waltham, MA
Founded: 2003
Industry: Endpoint security software

Di Hall
EVP and Chief Strategy Execution Officer

Carbon Black

Di Hall joined Carbon Black as an executive five years ago, when the company had 40 employees. She played a significant role in its rapid growth to more than 750 employees today. Prior to her current position as EVP and chief strategy execution officer, she was leading 40 percent of Carbon Black, including all product and customer-facing functions. Over the past 30 years, she has been part of five successful technology startups in the Boston area, with three IPOs to date.

Quick Tip: “I’ve been practicing my curious listening, which is truly listening to what someone else is saying, not what I assume or want them to say.”

“One of my favorite things to do is build communities,” says Hall. “I’ve done this through building high-growth technology companies, but also through coordinating groups of people with shared passions, desires or challenges.” During her 30-year career, Hall has taken two hiatuses. During one of them, she became involved with the local food pantry, helping it raise $1.4 million to invest in a new building.

One of Hall’s own most significant life events was the murder of her sister. The experience taught her a lot about the power of allowing herself to become emotionally vulnerable, and this is a trait she hopes to demonstrate to her daughters, and to those she leads at Carbon Black, she says.