Beth Monaghan

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Beth Monaghan
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Location: Waltham, MA
Founded: 2007
Industry: Media/PR

Beth Monaghan
Co-founder and CEO


“When I had to declare a major in college, I chose PR because it meant I could craft stories and make money,” says InkHouse co-founder and CEO Beth Monaghan. “I was lucky to come into PR during the internet bubble, when technology became sexy, and it still is. I love being on the threshold of what’s next: how companies grow and pivot, how we’ll solve the economic problems of a knowledge economy that requires fewer workers and less capital, how the workplace will change when millennials become the majority (in 2025), and how my blender might one day understand my preferences.”

Quick Tip: “The most important thing for an aspiring woman is to learn how to become her truest self.”

InkHouse has grown from three employees serving fewer than 10 clients, to 90 employees serving more than 95 clients on two coasts. Along with that growth, says Monaghan, have come challenges. With each new phase of growth, InkHouse has had to reinvent itself, and the success of this is due to Monaghan’s focus on the big picture. To stay ahead of growth, Monaghan and InkHouse have cultivated the ability to identify potential when it shines through, and hire “people who are kind, funny, curious, hard working and can teach us something new.”

In addition to her work at InkHouse, Monaghan is a frequent public advocate for women’s equality, and speaks on the topic through op-eds advocating change. In 2015, she testified at the Massachusetts State House about the importance of paid family and medical leave legislation, and also presented to the U.S. Department of Labor on the same topic, alongside Google and Spotify.