Anne Bailey Berman

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Anne Bailey Berman
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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 1984
Industry: Market insight and consulting

Anne Bailey Berman
Co-founder and CEO

Chadwick Martin Bailey

As the daughter of a Navy pilot, Anne Bailey Berman changed schools 13 times and lived in five countries before even starting college. This experience, as well as a year spent travelling the world in her 20s, taught Berman, who is now co-founder and CEO of Chadwick Martin Bailey, to be open to people’s ideas and experiences, both in her personal and her professional life. This ideal has been important in the growth of her business, she says, as Chadwick Martin Bailey sets itself apart in its market by building relationships, communicating effectively, and building new methodologies to solve client problems.

Quick Tip: “Leadership does not mean being the person always being quoted and in front.”

Berman says she and her co-founder never set out to create the biggest firm, but rather to be a “learning” company. This has been crucial as new technology and data sources have challenged Chadwick Martin Bailey, and Berman, to adapt quickly.

Chadwick Martin Bailey has a program that allows employees to take time during the work week to contribute to a nonprofit. Berman is also personally invested in giving back, working with The Children’s Trust and helping found the first federally funded Rape Crisis Center.