Ann Raider

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Ann Raider
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Location: Wellesley, MA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Marketing and technology

Ann Raider
Past CEO


InStream was founded with the idea that customers are loyal to retailers when they believe those retailers care about them. The company has continued to build on its vision of connecting retailers with customers by coming up with innovative new ways for retailers to connect with clients, such as using the space on the front of receipts. Ann Raider, past CEO of inStream, says she created a successful team by always leading by example and putting customers first. “When we make a mistake, we are the first to admit it and fix the problem, even at our expense,” says Raider.

Quick Tip: “Persistence pays, and we will reach the desired outcome, no matter how hard we work toward the goal.”

Raider says inStream’s greatest challenge has been integrating its marketing engine with retailers’ different point-of-sale systems. To overcome this, Raider and her team worked to streamline the retailer onboarding process to make implementation much easier. As systems change, one thing stays the same: a belief in strong customer service. InStream has a 30-minute rule, whereby customer calls must be responded to within 30 minutes.

Raider is part of a CEO group that helps second-year MBA students complete a business plan. She was also a founding member of the Network of Executive Women, which helps women build careers in the food industry.