Tessemae’s All Natural

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Location: Essex, MD
Founded: 2010
Industry: Consumerpackaged goods

Tessemae’s All Natural

Greg Vetter

Committing to wellness: For Tessemae’s All Natural, improving the health of its community — and beyond — is a fundamental part of the mission. That’s why the company’s wellness program is dedicated to teaching community members the importance of eating fresh food and how to prepare it. On a larger scale, Tessemae’s hopes to draw attention to the issue of food deserts across the country and showcase the community organizations that take on this challenge every day.

FUN FACT: Tessemae’s founders launched their brand using a simple recipe created and used by their mom throughout their childhood.

Special perks: Every week, Tessemae’s distributes shopping lists and recipes that help residents make their way around a grocery store. Additionally, the company has created a national campaign to eradicate food deserts and holds self-funded, pop-up farmer’s markets in underserved communities. The effort is internal as well, with each new employee receiving a copy of the “Tesse Way,” which helps team members eat well and plan their meals and recipes. Employees often participate in recipe creation competitions and have a chance to become educated on clean eating through the “Tesse Library.”

Solid results: Through Tessemae’s farmer’s markets, the company has handed out more than 125,000 pounds of fresh, free produce to families in need. In total, the company has served 15,000 people and about 8,000 families. What’s more, Tessemae’s has helped showcase the work of more than 50 local charities to promote wellness across all facets of life.