StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC

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Kim Schmidt
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Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 2005
Industry: Healthcare, professional services

StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC

Kim Schmidt
Technical Director

Committing to wellness: StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC works with federal clients to improve the quality, value and efficiency of healthcare. With such a heavy focus on healthcare and its far-reaching effects, the company decided to lead by example with its own employees. By ensuring that staff members are healthy, Strategic reduces the long-term burden of healthcare, and helps employees be happier and more productive, says technical director Kim Schmidt.

FUN FACT: On International Yoga Day, Strategic had a licensed yoga instructor teach a class on the lawn outside the office.

Special perks: Strategic’s wellness plan starts in its office space, with sit/stand desks that allow employees to adjust their position throughout the day. Additionally, the office has nearby walking paths that encourage employees to stay active, and holds annual events that promote wellness through contests like The Biggest Loser and seated massage therapy. On top of this, lunch-and-learns educate employees on topics like diabetes, vegetarian diets and cancer prevention.

Solid results: At Strategic, employees are incentivized to participate in several wellness initiatives, and to track their results through non-cash prizes. One activity asked employees to keep a food journal, and they were able to earn points through their participation. Once employees reach a certain level of points, they can visit Strategic’s Wellness Store to select prizes.