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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1885
Industry: Insurance


Albert R. Counselman
Chairman and CEO

Committing to wellness: RCM&D started its wellness program because it was “simply the right thing to do for our people,” says chairman and CEO Albert R. Counselman. The company’s efforts began with the formation of a steering committee that set out to change the RCM&D culture. “We wanted to make employees more aware of their health and offer them alternatives and new opportunities in the workplace,” says Counselman. “This was the first step to begin to move the needle on our healthcare and improve our employee health.”

FUN FACT: In 2014 and 2015, RCM&D offered a financial fitness challenge through Educated Investor.

Special perks: RCM&D’s wellness program is called Healthy Me, and it combines required activities like a member health assessment, biometric screening and preventative care with voluntary activities such as peer challenges and webinars. All of these activities earn employees points and incentives, like contributions to their health savings accounts, and healthy giveaways, like fitness trackers. These benefits extend to employees’ spouses as well.

Solid results: Counselman says the statistics show that members of RCM&D’s wellness program are not going without care, and are in fact getting more appropriate and cost-effective care. Since 2011, the company’s percentage of low-risk employees has climbed from 14 percent to 40 percent, while its high-risk employees have dropped from 42 percent to 24 percent.