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Location: Sparks, MD
Founded: 1996
Industry: Computer games

Firaxis Games

Steve Martin

Committing to wellness: Firaxis Games started taking a serious interest in wellness initiatives last year, when 19 employees joined a fitness challenge at a local fitness center. Firaxis made a deal with these employees that if they completed the six-week program and met at least two of their goals, they would be reimbursed for the cost of their entry. At the end of the program, 12 of those participants joined the fitness center. Since that first step into wellness, Firaxis’ initiatives have grown.

FUN FACT: Firaxis Games funds a company softball team in the spring andthe fall.

Special perks: Firaxis offers yoga and boot camp in its studio twice each week, and has an employee assistance program that provides consultations on health and well-being. Additionally, the company pays employees $50 for each month during which they engaged in physical activity at least six times. That’s an easy goal to achieve in an office that features on-site fitness equipment and full-sized basketball and tennis courts.

Solid results: As a result of one fitness competition, Firaxis employees lost a collective 74.4 pounds. Human resources director Shawn Kohn says the company’s corporate fitness challenge kickstarted her own wellness journey, helping her lose weight and introducing her to personal trainers at the local fitness center. Kohn says the program has also brought the team together as more than just co-workers.