Charm City Run

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Location: Timonium, MD
Founded: 2002
Industry: Healthcare, professional services

Charm City Run

Josh Levinson

Committing to wellness: As a company that specializes in helping runners find the proper shoes and gear for their fitness needs, Charm City Run (CCR) is committed to inspiring people to get healthy and active. That sentiment extends to the company’s employees as well. In crafting its wellness program, CCR hoped to build a happier and more energetic team, as well as increase retention. That’s why the company’s CEO Josh Levinson fosters an environment that is constantly moving, and encourages employees to keep this going even outside the office.

FUN FACT: CCR has ongoing fitness challenges seven days a week.

Special perks: CCR’s culture of health starts with its employees, many of whom are active runners and walkers. To keep employees engaged in their well-being, the company created a steps challenge, and uses Garmin to track everyone’s steps for the month. Each participant is able to purchase step trackers at a reduced cost, and the winning teams receive gear from CCR’s vendors. In addition, the company holds a 24-hour treadmill challenge and created a team to participate in an annual kickball tournament to promote team building.

Solid results: Its wellness programs have helped CCR improve its retention rate. Employees have been with CCR on average for five years, and Levinson says they don’t want to leave. He also reports that overall participation in CCR’s wellness programs is 100 percent, and he regularly hears employees inspiring customers through their own wellness journeys.