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Location: Hunt Valley, MD
Founded: 1999
Industry: Automotive


Jason Goldsmith

Committing to wellness:
In 2014, CARCHEX relocated to its current headquarters in Hunt Valley. The new office had enough space for an in-house gym, and this was the beginning of a healthier, better work environment, says CEO Jason Goldsmith. “We want CARCHEX to be a place that our employees look forward to each day. Our wellness program has not only helped us achieve this goal, but has also aided in building friendships among our team,” he says. CARCHEX employees report that the program has helped them get active, feel better and stay focused.

FUN FACT: CARCHEX has an in-house personal trainer who is available five days a week for coaching and advice on diet and exercise. 

Special perks: The company’s new fitness center is available to employees five days a week, free of charge, and offers popular morning yoga classes, among others. This year, the company has implemented a new program called CARCHEX 5×5. Through this program, the company sends out emails twice a day with five brief exercises that can be completed at employees’ desks. Additionally, the company has created weekly Fitbit challenges to see who can take the most steps, burn the most calories and run the most miles.

Solid results: “Whether they are physical, mental or both, CARCHEX employees are seeing great results,” says Goldsmith. In fact, CARCHEX’s wellness program has led to many personal successes, including one employee losing 10 pounds in about a month, and another dropping two pants sizes.