Capital Funding Group, Inc.

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1992
Industry: Real estate, healthcare, financial services

Capital Funding Group, Inc.

Casaundra Leonard
Human Resources Director

Committing to wellness: Though Capital Funding Group, Inc. (CFG) recognizes that a strong wellness program can reduce healthcare spending for businesses, its primary mission in implementing wellness initiatives is the well-being of its employees, says human resources director Casaundra Leonard.

FUN FACT: CFG owns a fully functional, fully staffed fitness club right next door to its corporate location.

Special perks: CFG’s wellness program is designed to give employees the opportunity to achieve free healthcare coverage, while motivating them to partake in a healthy lifestyle. Employees earn points toward healthcare cost savings rewards by going to regular health checkups, being a non-smoker, participating in weight-loss programs and being an active member at the company-owned gym. Additionally, the company offers eight wellness seminars each year on topics like fitness, exercise, blood sugar and healthy cooking.

Solid results: CFG receives annual statistics on the success of its programs. Based on these, the current disease prevalence for CFG employees is lower than it was last year in 21 out of 26 categories of disease. In addition, the company’s costs associated with diseases were lower, and CFG attributes these results to the fact that its program encourages more regular visits to the doctor.