Cambridge International Inc.

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Location: Cambridge, MD
Founded: 1911
Industry: Manufacturing

Cambridge International Inc.

Tracy Tyler

Committing to wellness: “Cambridge International is committed to offering a comprehensive benefits plan to attract and retain our greatest asset, our team members,” says CEO Tracy Tyler. When Cambridge International Inc. started its wellness program, it had two primary goals: to make employees healthier, and to reap the benefits of better health through lower healthcare costs. Additionally, the company realized that risk factors, such as having an aging workforce and being located in a region with high rates of diabetes, could be mitigated through a balanced wellness program.

FUN FACT: During Cambridge International’s 2015-2016 weight loss initiatives, employees have lost more than 400 pounds.

Special perks: Cambridge International offers on-site physicals that feature an abridged examination and a $50 gift card. Employees can receive an extra $25 gift card for scheduling a follow-up exam with their doctor. Because of Cambridge International’s location in a diabetes-prone area, the company made fighting the disease a priority and created a diabetes academy to teach employees how to manage the disease effectively.

Solid results: Once Cambridge International started incentivizing its physical examinations, employee participation rose by 60 percent, and through its diabetes academy, the company has helped six employees decrease their A1C levels, which Tyler says equates to $54,000 in savings.