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Location: Beltsville, MD
Founded: 2002
Industry: Technology

Alertus Technologies

Jason Volk


Alertus Technologies was founded in 2002 out of the University of Maryland after a tornado ripped through the campus. The campus community was not given sufficient warning, resulting in the deaths of two students. Many organizations, including those outside higher education, face similar challenges on how to alert personnel and visitors across a sprawling campus with numerous facilities. The Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System is designed to help overcome this challenge and ensure effective, timely warnings when personal cell phones are turned off or encounter service issues due to tower congestion. The Alertus system also provides comprehensive coverage in case emails are not read or cell phone networks experience transmission delays.

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CEO Jason Volk credits Alertus’ growth in part to its vision of extending alarm systems beyond fire alarms and into an all-hazards notification solution. “Our focus on the integration and creation of new technologies … has in many ways disrupted and transformed the mass notification sector,” Volk says. “The impact on our business is clearly expressed in our extensive client base.” That client base includes colleges and universities, K-12 schools, corporations, medical centers, military bases and government organizations. Over the next decade, Alertus plans to keep expanding into new markets.