VersaTech, Inc.

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Jason Peay headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 2005
Industry: Technology
Generations: 1

Category: Small


VersaTech, Inc.

Jason Peay
President and CEO

VersaTech, Inc.’s founding principles include solving problems through innovative solutions. “The company has stayed true to this over the last 10 years in business,” says president and CEO Jason Peay.

“Family members who hold leadership roles are not permitted to be involved in the qualifying and hiring process of other family members,” says Peay. “Each position in the company is different, meaning that VersaTech will put the person in the position that he or she is best fit for.”

Quick Tip: “When it comes to your family, hold them to higher standards. Give them a more rigorous interview process so that no one questions that he or she earned their role in the company.”

“The key to VersaTech’s growth is to keep the culture and vision that has been critical to our evolution thus far,” says Peay. “We set ourselves apart from our peers by bringing the energy and forward thinking of an entrepreneurial startup to the government contracting space.”

Jason Peay’s father, James Peay, opened a government contracting firm in 1982. In 1996, the company was sold and spun off into four other companies. Two were owned by Jason Peay’s older brothers, two were owned by close family friends and one became VersaTech. “In the future, the companies will be sold or transitioned to other family members,” says Jason Peay. “The next generation of the Peay family isn’t yet old enough to work. They are, however, getting exposure to the business.”