The Electric Motor Repair Company (EMR)

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H. Roger Kauffman headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1927
Industry: Commercial and industrial service, installation and repair
Generations: 2

Category: Large


The Electric Motor Repair Company (EMR)

H. Roger Kauffman
President and CEO

“EMR’s core values are honesty, quality, customer service and training,” says H. Roger Kauffman, president and CEO. “The highest-quality employees, material, workmanship and customer service have allowed EMR to prosper and
grow for almost 90 years.”

“Family members are not solicited to work at EMR. It has to be organic,” says Kauffman. “If they ask, they start an entry-level job, unless of course they have acquired experience and knowledge with some other company that qualifies them to start in a higher position. They are managed and reviewed for performance by someone other than a family member.”

Fun Fact: “In its heyday, our portable appliance operation took in between 500 and 600 appliances a week: coffee pots, irons, blenders, fans, vacuum cleaners, razors, toasters, etc.”

“The leadership change from first generation to second ushered in the desire to grow geographically,” says Kauffman. “This was a radical departure from a very closely controlled organization where the principal could be engaged in all activities, make all decisions, and watch all costs and sales. Now it was necessary to delegate authority and responsibility to others.”

“Four out of five of the children are currently involved in the family business,” says Kauffman. “It has never been an expectation for the children to join the family business, but many have gravitated to it on their own accord.”