The Big Screen Store/The Sofa Store

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Jason Brager headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Towson, MD
Founded: 1996
Industry: Retail sales
Generations: 2

Category: Small


The Big Screen Store/The Sofa Store

Jason Brager
General Manager

“We focus on hiring and retaining the best employees in all facets of our business. Our average employee tenure is approximately eight years,” says Jason Brager, general manager of The Big Screen Store/The Sofa Store. “Many of our employees have been with the company since its inception. This stability allows our clients to come back and deal with the same knowledgeable, friendly, familiar faces year after year and really allows us to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients.”

Brager and store manager Brett Luskin both entered the business as sales associates and took on additional responsibilities as they gained experience and proved they were able to perform additional functions. They also both had sales and customer service experience from other positions held prior to joining the family business. Brager and Luskin are two of six members of the second generation.

Fun Fact: “Each of our Big Screen Store locations is operated by just two people.”

“We try to treat all employees as family members, and every employee in the company has an open and direct line of communication to any member of our organization at any time, all the way to the very top,” says Brager. “As with many family businesses, the lines between roles are quite blurred, and we all wear many hats.”

“I never get tired of hearing ‘This is the best place I’ve ever worked,’ ‘I hope to retire from here,’ or ‘I was able to buy a new home for my family because of working here,’” says Brager.