Terrapin Adventures

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Matt Baker headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Savage, MD
Founded: 2006
Industry: Professional services
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging


Terrapin Adventures

Matt Baker
Chief Adventure Officer

Terrapin Adventures’ core values include using fun and challenge to learn about yourself and improve relationships, and doing the right thing on time, accurately, for the right reason. “Being active and engaged is so much better than passive and indifferent,” says Matt Baker, chief adventure officer.

“It is important for family members to get solid outside experience with other firms before coming into the business,” says Baker. “To come in, they must exhibit a passion for what we do and not just want a cushy job.” Terrapin Adventures has not transitioned to the next generation, but Baker is currently mentoring managers to help lead and grow the business.

Fun Fact: “We got the idea for our business on a family vacation in Costa Rica, where we went on a zip line.”

The company’s goal is to share the beauty of central Maryland and help event participants improve their relationships with others. Baker is actively mentoring managers at Terrapin Adventures to help lead and grow the business in line with his vision.

“We want to be an integral part of the community, with a solid reputation for making a difference,” says Baker. “We love what we do — influencing guests to get outside their comfort zones.”

Pictured: Matt Baker and his wife, Jerry Baker