Strategic Factory

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Location: Owings Mills, MD
Founded: 1999
Industry: Manufacturing
Generations: 2

Category: Medium


Strategic Factory

Keith Miller

“As an immigrant from South Africa, I truly believed in the American Dream, and I set my sights on achieving it,” says Keith Miller, president of Strategic Factory. “Since purchasing and reviving a struggling print shop in Pikesville in 1999, we’ve grown as a company by leaps and bounds. We now have five storefronts throughout Greater Maryland, including our new state-of-the-art headquarters, Strategic Factory in Owings Mills.”

“As immigrants from South Africa, our situation is extremely unique,” says Miller. “Two of the three family members that have joined the business did so via H-1B visas. These visas are only granted from the U.S. government when experience and education requirements are met. My father and sister needed to prove that they’d be able to perform their job duties. … Extensive background checks were performed before they were permitted to come to the U.S. and work alongside me. Having gone through this process, both my father and sister were experienced and fully qualified for their current positions.”

Quick Tip: “There’s a fine line between hiring family and employing successful team members. Family members often need to work even harder to prove they can handle their job responsibilities.”

“Our team members are all invested in an internal motto that sets us apart from our competition,” says Miller. “Our ‘Can Do, Will Do, Happy To!’ culture enables us to wow our clients and fellow team members.”

“I want our family business to be recognized and remembered as one of the best in the industry, a valued asset to clients, a leader in the community, and an inspiration to team members. I want us to be seen as a true example of the American Dream come true,” says Miller.