Quantum Internet and Telephone

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Kevin Brown headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Manchester, MD
Founded: 1995
Industry: Technology
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging


Quantum Internet and Telephone

Kevin Brown

Quantum Internet and Telephone was founded by president Kevin Brown at the age of 18, when he saw the need for internet access in Carroll County. With his parents’ help, he started Quantum in the basement of their Manchester home, becoming the first internet provider in the county. At first, Quantum only provided dialup internet access, but Brown kept Quantum current with changing technology over the years.

Quantum is currently a two-generation company, headed by Kevin Brown and his mother, Johanna Brown, the general manager. Laura Brown, Kevin’s sister, joined the company several years ago upon college graduation. Kevin Brown’s two children are still too young to be involved in the business. “But they are already computer savvy, so it’s just a matter of time,” he says.

Fun Fact: At the time Kevin Brown started Quantum, he was a commuting freshman in computer science at UMBC.

“Quantum was founded to provide quality internet service at a better price, and with exceptional customer service,” says Brown. “Over the years, we have gained customers because of our service, and we continue to treat our customers as we would like to be treated.”

“We would like our legacy to be that we are a locally family-run business that provides excellent telephone and internet service, and one that cares for and appreciates its customers,” says Brown.