Protech Associates, Inc.

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 1984
Industry: Technology
Generations: 3

Category: Small


Protech Associates, Inc.

Brian Bruffey

Protech Associates, Inc. provides cloud-based association management software. Its founding mission was to provide stability and continuity to allow the Protech family to grow based on sound principles. Over time, Protech has maintained a family-first guiding principle and stayed true to its founding mission. Its core values include “do the right thing,” “work hard, work smart,” “treat others the way you would like to be treated,” “be good listeners” and “keep it simple.”

“For better or worse, the only qualification for a family member to join Protech is to be a Bruffey,” says CEO Brian Bruffey. “Family members determine their path after college; it’s simply their choice to work for another company or when to join Protech.”

Fun Fact: Protech started in Frank S. Bruffey Jr.’s home basement and grew to four employees. The basement office supported all functions of the business, including meetings and demos for prospective customers.

“The company allows employees to maintain a ‘do what is right’ work mentality, while having the flexibility to enjoy each of our families and relationships,” says Bruffey. “Protech adds value to employees by maintaining a culture that makes all employees feel like a part of the family, even if they are not blood-related.”

The company’s family stakeholders “understand that building Protech’s value with the founding core values and principles of the business in mind will provide the best options for its future generations and legacy. Protech would like to be remembered as a family-first business,” says Bruffey.