O’Donovan & Associates, Inc.

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Jeremiah P. O’Donovan headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Glenelg, MD
Founded: 1983
Industry: Professional services
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging


ODonovan & Associates, Inc.

Jeremiah P. ODonovan

“I assumed the role of president following the death of my father, Jeremiah J. O’Donovan, who founded our business with a commitment to providing a small agency feel,” says Jeremiah P. O’Donovan, president of O’Donovan & Associates, Inc. “That driving principle continues to be upheld to this day.”

“While I am currently the solitary family member engaged in the day-to-day operations of O’Donovan & Associates, the professional and personal adversity I faced following my father’s death from lung cancer only fortified my belief in balancing business and family,” says O’Donovan. “I became the guardian of my twin half-siblings, while simultaneously attempting to prove myself a worthy successor in the eyes of O’Donovan & Associates’ policyholders and insurance carriers.”

Quick Tip: “Treat your employees like family. It makes all the difference!”

“We’ve recently implemented changes to our processes that mutually benefit our independent agents and policyholders,” says O’Donovan. “These changes and improvements are made possible only by the hard work and diligence of those we employ, which is the cultural cornerstone of O’Donovan & Associates.”

“My hope is that the staff members of O’Donovan & Associates would be viewed as trusted insurance experts who never stopped learning in a constantly evolving industry and who were always prepared to share that knowledge with policyholders,” says O’Donovan.