My Cleaning Service, Inc.

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Lisa Rogers Bands headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1970
Industry: Commercial janitorial
Generations: 3

Category: Small


My Cleaning Service, Inc.

Lisa Rogers Bands

In the nearly 46 years since Gerry and Margaret Rogers established My Cleaning Service, Inc., the company has grown into one of the largest women-owned janitorial businesses in Baltimore. “Today, we have the tools and knowledge to clean using eco-friendly products and technology that helps us achieve a higher level of sustainability, but the way we treat our staff and the way they treat our clients hasn’t changed,” says president Lisa Rogers Bands.

“It is extremely important that a family member who is joining the business possesses a strong interest and dedication to the company’s survival and success,” says Bands. Bands’ daughter, Kathleen Bands Schindler, started attending National Association of Women Business Owners meetings with her when she was 12. “The janitorial industry isn’t very glamorous; however, if you talk to Kathleen, it is extremely exciting and fascinating.”

Fun Fact: “We have several employees who have worked with us for over 40 years.”

“The dynamic of a family business is very different than other corporate entities. Being in a family business mixes personal with business, in the office and at the dinner table,” says Bands. “Our employees must adapt to the ever-changing structure of roles as Kathleen learns to take the reigns of the company.”

“We want our business to continue to have a lasting impact on Baltimore and surrounding communities,” says Bands. “Just as other prominent Baltimore families, we feel it is important to contribute to our community.”

Pictured (from left): Daniel Bands, Lisa Rogers Bands and their daughter, Kathleen Bands Schindler